Seasonal Fruit Flavored Vodkas


Honey Krisp Apple Vodka

Fresh Honey Crisp apples flavor this Vodka, it tastes like mom's fresh apple pie. The Honey Crisp apple was developed in the 1960's locally here at the University of Minnesota. The sweetness with the added tartness of this apple with plenty of juice are perfectly infused into the Vodka. We make batches of the Honey Crisp Apple Vodka in the fall when the apples are freshly picked from our apple trees.

Sweet Cherry Vodka

Sweet cherries gives this Vodka a nice rich flavor with a hint of tartness. Just like, fresh right out of the oven warm cherry pie with a scoop of gelato. When the sweet cherries ripen we add them to our fermentation tank and distill the vodka and cherries together.

Full Moon Pineapple Vodka

Pineapple Research Institute's "MD-2" is a sweet golden pineapple, we infuse it into this Vodka. Think of the best tasting Piña Colada you had while on vacation laying on the beach in the warm sun, only without the coconut. Do you taste the slight hint of vanilla with the pineapple? If it's a fresh pineapple you will taste a hint of vanilla. That's why we get them fresh and ferment them the same day we receive them. We distill the fresh pineapple twice a year during harvesting season in January and September.

Zesty Orange Vodka

Zesty Orange Vodka tastes like a popsicle, a cold refreshing treat on a hot day. Fresh harvested March through June. The growers say nothing beats the flavor of fresh-squeezed Valencia Oranges with their high quantities of juice. The juice from this orange makes delicious orange juice. We ferment this juice into our Zesty Orange Vodka.

Peach Pie Vodka

Think of fresh warm Peach pie, à la mode. The rich character of this smooth peach flavored Vodka is some of the best we make. Starting in May we use fresh harvested peaches from Georgia "The Peach State". Then as the harvest season progresses we switch to California grown peaches.  

Watermelon Patch Vodka

Summer picnics at the beach with friends, grilling chicken, and burgers. This Vodka has a nice cool refreshing watermelon taste. We use watermelons where the red center is 97% sugar-water.